Our Privacy Policy

When you register or advertise with us you will have to enter various items of personal information. This information is stored securely on our servers and is only used as follows:

Your email address and password will be used to identify you for the purposes of any business or communications you have with countryshed.com.au. Your password is stored in an encrypted form, so cannot be disclosed to anyone: even we do not know what it is.

Your email address will not be displayed by us anywhere on this site; it is only used by us to contact you either when

  • we have a message for you from a viewer of your advert, or
  • we need to send you acknowledgements, receipts or other correspondence relating to your business with us.

The name, address and telephone details you provide to us will be used only when you advertise. Some of these details form part of your advert.

We do not supply your personal information to any third party, unless we are required to do so by law.

You should be aware that any information you enter in the descriptive text of your advertisment will be visible to any viewer. You may use this fact to make your email address known, for example.

We also collect information regarding visitors to the countryshed.com.au domain and dealer websites hosted by us. This information does not contain data that can personally identify an individual. We use this information for statistical purposes only.

If you want us to delete your personal information from our servers please contact us and we will do so as soon as is practicable.

Our Mailing Lists

Your email address will be added to our mailing lists either

  • when you request to be added during the registration process, or
  • when you fill in a Join our mailing list form presented on various pages on this site.

We will use your email address entered in this way, to send you news and information about this site.

You can remove your email address from our mailing list at any time you wish.