How to add photos to your advert

All photos can be added once the advert has been Submitted onto the site. An advert is submitted once you have clicked Preview and then Submit.

Once you have Submitted your advert go back into your advert and follow these steps:

(If you are already in your advert skip to step 7)

  1. Go to our homepage
  2. Select your region
  3. Click on "Click here and list your item" on the mid right of screen
  4. On the left hand side enter your email address and password and click Log In
  5. Now you are inside your account so click on the My Adverts tab at the top of the page
  6. You will now see your advert. Click on Modify Details and this will bring your ad up on screen
  7. Scroll down and you will see Main Picture, 2nd and 3rd picture with BROWSE next to them
  8. Click Browse and the files in your computer will show up
  9. Find your photo file and left click on the file twice
  10. To add more photos repeat step 9
  11. Once you have added your photos scroll down and click Preview. By clicking Preview you will see how your advert is going to be seen by the public. (Important: If when you click Preview it takes more than 90 seconds for the Preview page to come up then your photos may be too big. At this point please email your photos to
  12. If you are happy with your advert then click Action and your photos will be saved to your advert.

If you have trouble inserting a photo or would like our support staff to add the photo to your advert, you can email the photos to or call 1300 737 161.

Thank you and good luck with the sale of your item.

Picture Sizes and Types

The picture types accepted by the site are JPEG, GIF and PNG. JPEG is probably the most common format since most digital cameras and scanners produce pictures in this format.

The maximum size of a picture shown on this site is 640 pixels wide by 480 pixels high. If you upload pictures larger than this we will resize them automatically. The only disadvantage of uploading pictures larger than 640 x 480 is the extra time it takes you to send them to our server. If you use a digital camera, it helps to upload images quickly if you can set its image size to 640 x 480.


The old saying that a picture paints a thousand words is not always true: it depends on what your picture is.

A good picture will speak volumes about your item. On seeing a good picture a potential buyer will either:

  • Be interested to take a more detailed look at your advert, or
  • Know that your item is definitely not for them.
Both of these are useful to you. The interested buyer will go on to view the detail of your full advert, any more pictures you have added and learn more about your item. The viewer who dismisses your advert immediately will not trouble you unnecessarily or waste your time.

A poor picture will send confusing messages and put off a potential buyer because it is not clear what you are selling.

Photography Tips

  • Make sure your subject is well lit - pictures taken using natural light (outside during the day) are often the best, particularly in sunshine with the sun behind you.
  • Make your subject fill the frame - don't let your item just be a dot in the middle of the picture.
  • Only one item per picture - so potential buyers know exactly what is on offer.
  • Take a few pictures and then you can choose the best one to use in your advert.
  • If using more than one picture, try to take the item from different angles or include a detail shot.