The My Adverts Pages

Access this page by pressing the My Adverts tab. You must be logged in to access the detail on this page.

This page shows a list of all the adverts we have stored for your account. This includes unpublished, currently published and expired adverts. The background colour of an advert shows its current status.

If there are many adverts, you can use the Next and Prev buttons to move between the pages.

Alongside each advert in the list, there are a number of options. The changes you are allowed to make, depend upon the particular advert and whether it has been submitted or published, but include:

  • Complete and submit a saved advert
  • Change the details in your advert
  • Mark the advert as SOLD
  • Cancel the advert
  • Re-advertise a cancelled or expired advert
  • Delete an advert from your account

When you click on one of the options you will be taken to a new page where you can make your changes and confirm them. You can then return to your advert list.